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Fun with security questions

Today demonstrated why I don’t take security questions seriously.

I called up Presto to deal with an issue that had arisen with replacing a damaged card. I was asked the card number and the security question that was associated with my account (something to do with a pet’s name, probably).

Now, I should mention that when I fill out security questions, I generate small, random passwords for the answers and save them in my password manager. I have no idea what the answers are, just like I have no idea what the password is that I use to login to the site.

So when I was asked the security question I said, without hestitation, “I have absolutely no idea. Probably gobbledygook.”

After answering some questions about personal information, I “got access” and (unsuccessfully) dealt with the card problem. I was then given a mini-lecture about how security questions are necessary to help keep my account secure.

Apparently it didn’t dawn on the customer service representative that I just bypassed the whole security question portion of “keeping my account secure.”

This is why I don’t take them seriously. If I’m online and trying to use them, I consider them to be another password since finding real answers probably isn’t all that difficult. If I’m offline and encounter them, I always get by without knowing the answer.

September 14, 2016

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