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01-01.html2022-Jan-02 11:012.0KThe banality of the normal
01-04.html2022-Jan-04 23:202.3KOnline shopping from someone who hates shopping
03-08.html2022-Mar-08 21:592.6KDecentralization musings
06-26.html2022-Jun-28 21:464.7KSoftware archiving for fun, and not much else
07-13.html2022-Jul-13 21:193.1KGNU Make and FizzBuzz
07-17.html2022-Jul-17 23:352.9KFood truck festivals are overrated
07-20.html2022-Jul-20 23:563.1KLaziness is your fault
10-02.html2022-Oct-02 18:573.8KEvaluating new(ish) command line tools